Healthy Mind Healthy: Mindful vs Mind Full

Healthy Mind Healthy: Mindful vs Mind Full

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Mindful vs mind full, mindfulness is all about being aware. When you are being actively mindful, you are noticing and paying attention to your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and movements; that includes the effects you have on those around you. Mindful of something is taking that thing into account.

Being mind full means your mind is full… as in you can’t think or you have too much on your mind. Mindful does not mean mind-full! For me learning to trust in the power of silence and being aware, was a game changer. This past year I taught myself to turn down the volume of the mind and in my surroundings and to be aware of things that were serving me or not.

I also truly had to understand the power of the mind, “Silence is not the absence of sound, but the absence of self.”

This past year 2018, was a very hard year on us, and many people asked me how I remained so calm, it was adopting the practice of mindfulness into my life with yoga, meditation, and being in a mindful state of mind. Since doing it my health has improved immensely, our family life has changed and we have grown stronger as a unit, and now I look forward to every new day ahead of me.

Mindful vs Mind Full

I personally feel in today’s society we fail to take care of ourselves, and our mind. The movement of mental health awareness is on the rise, but I am still seeing many friends and family members not practicing mindfulness, I know we are all strong in our own ways, but the importance of taking care of ourselves should always come first. I know bills are overdue, I know work is making you tired, kids are in your way…. trust me I have said the same things myself in the past. But once you push through it and rise above all the mess, trust me your mind, body, and soul will thank you.

Today is as good a day as any to decide whether you’ll be mind full or mindful. But really, it’s quite simple. If you can avoid being mind-full, it’s the secret to being mindful.

Social Media and TV, when I’m tempted to click on something that I know is truly a waste of my time, I’ll ask myself if it is truly serving me. There are a time and a place for this activity, so if it is during the day when I could be working, enjoying time with my kids, or with my husband I know I am not being mindful to myself. But when it is at the end of the day or a weekend and it is time to relax than it is ok (for me). Being aware of where you are spending your time is the key. I remind myself daily, time is not replaceable, money is. So what is more valuable to me. So use your time wisely and be mindful to how you spend it. This thought process has truly reduced my stress levels, and I am actually getting things done.

Here are the keys I use to practice mindfulness:

  • alleviates stress / reduces overthinking
  • improves memory, concentration, and performance
  • helps with emotional reactivity (I think before I say now)
  • promotes cognitive flexibility
  • creates happier relationships
  • reduces anxiety
  • improves sleep
  • promotes mental health
  • provides pain relief (my joint pain from ET Jak2- significantly reduced)
  • enhances sex life (Karl and I are even closer now)
  • increases resilience and dependability
  • slows down the progression of neurodegenerative diseases
  • enhances creativity
  • reduces feelings of being alone
  • enhances the ability to deal with and recover from illness (my INRs and blood pressure have been their best, I have not seen this since 2009)
  • helps achieve academic success (my memory and retention has improved)
  • helps lower the incidence of burnout
  • I am told I am looking healthier and younger (BONUS)

Here are the keys I use to practice mindfulness:

Mindful vs Mind Full
Check Mate ; )

I dedicate time and space for your mindfulness practice each morning. Make a conscious effort to focus on the present moment, without judgment.
Don’t think about the past. Don’t plan the future. Be Present.
Pay attention to your thoughts, words, actions, and motivations.
Notice your judgments and let them pass – they serve NO ONE.
Don’t be too hard on yourself when your mind wanders off. Gently bring your attention back to the present.

Mindfulness vs. Meditation

Another key point I would like to share is there is a difference between mindfulness and meditation. Mindfulness and meditation both have health benefits that are both physical and mental, but many don’t realize that they are two different things. The practice of mindfulness is only one form of meditation. Mindfulness is simply the practice of being aware. You don’t have to focus on this for a certain amount of time during the day. Rather, you can choose to be mindful any time and anywhere. You can even be mindful during a conversation with a friend.

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