How are you? How are you really?

How Are You Doing?

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I’m checking in because if you’re like me you’re always checking in on others. Have you checked in on yourself?

My favourite relationship is with myself; I genuinely enjoy my own company. But it wasn’t always like this, I hate getting into my own thoughts. Facing old wounds, and just getting into my own head. Until I started to understand Epigenetics.

You can’t fill from an empty cup, and when your cup is full, you can give more, do more, and be honest…the best of all you can be.

And don’t get me wrong we are still Human, and we will have those days where you are triggered, but are you self-aware enough to navigate those bumps in the road we get along this game of life we are in. Do you self-reflect and grow from your journeys or beat yourself up for ways you could’ve done things differently. ….I get you. I am Human too.

Welcome to my world as I share with you my world, I have been through many trials and tribulations. All of which has fueled me is the adventure we call life.

In this game of life, we need to understand there are two parts to ourselves…our souls (spirit) and our physical self. The key is mind, body and spiritual awareness. They are all connected and until you truly understand what they mean and how they relate to one another (the butterfly affect), you won’t have a true connection to yourself.

So again, how are you, how are you really?

For years I did things by the book, well at least I tried. I tried hard, really hard because that’s what I was told to do. Society only accepts you if you do things by the book. This I have to say is not a one size fits all world. I’m neurodivergent, and whether I am or not we all have different perceptions of how we see this world and why we must do it by the book? We have different values, morals and ethics based on what we see personally and what we are told to be based on our society or our core circles of love (family or friends).

Forget that.

I do me, people ask how I do what I do…here’s how! – I do me!

I know what makes me tick, I know what fuels my soul, I know what fuels my body- I communicate. Communication is key and you also need to be able to listen. Listening where it is through hearing or observing; sometimes it’s the way we do things or the people who know us best who can also point out triggers you aren’t even aware of. We don’t know what we don’t know. For myself I know I need to fill my cup, it is adding value to others, learning, being creative, and movement. If I don’t get those core things on a regular basis, I’m miserable. I know this. I took the time to meet me and ask myself those questions. I also know what triggers me, and again I am human, and we evolve and things can change, especially where there are triggers. I sometimes don’t see what others see; for example, I take on the weight of the world by always wanting to help others until the weight becomes unbearable and my cup spills over, making me unreliable to others and my personal self.

I have since learned to set boundaries and know my limits. I understand people need my help, but I also honour their own life’s lessons, because I firmly believe that life’s lessons make us grow spiritually. They are food for the soul, some harder to digest, but that’s the game of life. And it’s those things that make us stronger in the end. So now I celebrate those, including loss, illness, and heart break. Trust me, I’ve been there. I lost three men in my life this year, two of them being the biggest Influences on me, to the degree they helped shape who I am today. My grandpa and my dad who was also one of my best friends. I still feel them daily, and I know they’d be proud of me, and as much as I miss them, I celebrate them and honour their journeys knowing they are free now from these meat suits and this hard journey we put ourselves on.

So again, I ask how are you? How are you really? Are you noticing your trigger? Are you noticing what lights you up? Do you take time for yourself? Or do you turn on the TV and pour yourself a drink and drown out the noise in your head?

I know what fills my cup, I can be so depleted and if I do one of the things that light me up, and as I mentioned before adding value to others, learning, being creative, and movement I can recharge my soul. Soul food. I can come home from a really hard long day, and I tell you I make one piece of Jewlery it’s like I had a cup of coffee, it’s because I fill my soul’s cup. It was depleted.

Do you take time to know what fills your cup? Maybe it’s reading a book with your kids, cooking in the kitchen with your partner, or maybe doing a crossword while you sip a glass of your favourite red. Do you like to go for long drives and just think?

Anway’s, I wanted to check in, see how you are doing? Remind you to check in on yourself and give yourself some attention. It’s good for you, your soul and those around you will too benefit. Is your cup empty, half full, perfectly full, or overflowing its spilling out of control?

How are you? How are you really?

How are you? How are you really?

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