Mind, Body, Spirit - it's all connected

Mind, Body, Spirit – it’s all connected

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Albert Einstein stated that mind-body matter and energy are the same things.

You see this term every day without really truly understanding the concept. Wrapping your head around the meaning of Mind, Body, Spirit, the ideas behind Mind, Body, Spirit can change your life!

Mind Boyd Spirit connection explained:
Mind, Body, Spirit means that our well-being comes from not just physical health, but from mental health and spiritual health as well. To be healthy, we must pay attention to all three aspects of our nature of the Mind, Body, and Spirit.

  • The mind is affected by your body.
  • The body is affected by your mind.
  • The mind is affected by your spirit.
  • The spirit is affected by the mind.
  • Your body is affected by your mind and your spirit
  • Your mind and spirit are affected by your body.

The central concept behind Mind, Body, Spirit is that we are all more than just our thoughts; we are our bodies, our emotions, and our spirituality, and all these things combined determine our health, give us identity, and make us who we are.

Have you ever thought about why you get a headache when you are stressed? This is your mind affecting your body. Or have you noticed that when you don’t exercise, you feel depressed? That is your body affecting your mind. How about when you overeat because of nervousness?

Our mental health partially determines our physical health. Health care workers may ask you about stress and turmoil in our lives when we see them for physical ailments. Persons who harbor negative emotions can often make themselves physically sick. It’s been proven that mental issues can manifest in our body, making us sick. We are now realizing slowly that long term festering of negative emotions such as anger, fear, hatred, and jealousy will cause some forms of cancer. If you think and look hard enough, there are mind-spirit causes for just about every physical ailment you can think of.

  • Traditional Chinese culture believes in the life force “Qi.”
  • We know the teachings of Ancient people from India, Yoga, and Ayurveda, the life force is called “Prana.”
  • Native American wisdom incorporated a strong sense of Mind, Body, and Spirit.

What all these ancestors knew was that there’s a secure connection between belief systems, health, and happiness.

To adopt a mindful practice of Mind, Body, Spirit, you can do simple things daily to have good energy flow, here are a few suggestions:

  • Mind: Ted Talks, Journal with Mindfulness, Read, Read Inspiring Articles, Do a puzzle or mind games, research, study, learn something new, brainstorm, meditate.
  • Body: 15 min hard workout, Recommended H20 Intake, Smoothie, healthy start breakfast, brisk walk or yoga, stretching, dance, run.
  • Spirit: Yoga, “intent” (prayer), sit in silence, read stories or bios, observe nature, make, write, connect with a letter or phone call, poetry, just “be”, meditate, Tai Chi.

I think today we over think things and get our heads wrapped in the process of being mindful, we stress ourselves out and forget Mind, Body, Spirit will make us feel better and create positive vibrations. We indeed are our own worst enemies; things are more straightforward than we make them out to be.

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