My Intuitive Story

My Intuitive Story

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I started hair at the Aveda Institute, where core principles are built around ayurvedic practice; I quickly felt home.

Having been involved in many aspects of the hair industry for several years, I have had a significant role in many people’s pivotal moments; the good and the ugly. I was also naturally awoken as a child, where I was able to tap into the spiritual world, communicate messages from loved ones, and intuitively knew if someone was ill or emotionally broken. A few family members on both sides of my parents carried these gifts too. And yes, we all have these gifts; it is just a matter of knowing how we use and perceive them. I am also very science-based, so as I went on my spiritual discovery, I delved deep into the science of our electromagnetic field and cognitive minds.

Eventually, I was told these gifts were evil and voodoo, so I hid them away and tried never to talk about them; I suppressed them. In my mid to late 20s, I became extremely ill with clotting we could not control, and I even had an NDE (near-death experience). My gifts got even stronger, so I went again on the search for health and truth for me. I saw the world differently; that saying I was once blind, and now I see it rang loud in my mind, yet I still saw from a scientific view. I explored a wide range of health care practises, including Western Medical and Naturopathic remedies, self-help literature, psychologists, and lightworkers, to name a few. The result of exploring these venues was the awareness that the illness was caused by unresolved suppressed emotional trauma. It brought me to the realization that ultimately it was up to me to do the inner work to heal. My tool of choice to help raise my conscious awareness and correct my cognitive behaviours is Crystals and Numerology. As a result, I became hyper-aware of my decisions and the energy I put into things. To this day, I can pick up on energies and can quickly transcribe them and shift them. 

Sentimental Gems

For years I used my senses (aka gifts) to gift my client’s crystals or jewelry when I knew they were in the middle of a pivotal chapter in their life. Always even if they didn’t believe in it, they all said they felt a shift. Whether you believe in the placebo effect or the nocebo effect, our minds can do mighty things. Unfortunately, in western society, we often discredit our inner abilities.  During a brief absence from the hair industry to recover from the trauma, I had clients call me requesting I make a crystal kit or a piece of jewelry for their friends as gifts. They felt the benefits from what I created. Before I knew it, my creative outlet became a flourishing venture, and Sentimental Gems was established. I now teach courses on the topics of Crystals, Spiritual Sciences, and Conscious Awareness. We are gifted with an internal guidance system, view a sample of the information I share: five physical senses, and eight spiritual (either) senses.

I am a Crystal Lovin’ Creative & Multi Venture Entrepreneur, Hair Coach, and Mentor who has always incorporated crystals, the art of gifting intentions, and manifestation practises. I love to share my knowledge and the unconventional path I live.