This Book Will Change You: Life as a Daymaker

This Book Will Change You: Life as a Daymaker

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This Book Will Change You: Life as a Daymaker; and everyone says we work too much, too hard, and for so little … I have to say I beg to differ for the following reason:

I loved what I did – I correct that WE (and you know who you are) love what we do.

We get to go into work every day and every day it is something different, someone new, someone old, it is visiting, it is giving, it is excepting, it is full of surprises, and it is fun.

We are not like any other salon in the sense we “just do hair” but more in the sense we are a collective of artists who get forgotten and misread by the typical “rip off salon”.  We like to create joint alliances with other stylists and other salons throughout the city, the province and throughout Canada – not enemies.  “A real artist loves to grow, share, inspire and learn from other fellow artists within their field.”   We are not experts in our field but we are experts at sharing and learning to be better so we can pass along our knowledge not hoard it.

Being a hairstylist is not work for us – it is a lifestyle, I love getting up in the morning to go to work and at the end of the day I still “love” what I do.

I am a hair stylist “day maker”  and I get to be the artist I am. 😉

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