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A born leader, Kerri loves to learn, share, and meet people.

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Hi' there!

I'm Kerri Jarrett (aka Kerri Dawn)

I’m an Entrepreneur and Self-Awareness Mentor. I am a mom of two, a wife, and an MPN/Celiac warrior, and I love to learn new things; my passion is hair and health - and meeting cool people.

My husband and I met in the service industry while working and travelling. We have lived and worked all over Canada, not to mention his ventures away from Canada. We love to travel and try new adventures, we are huge foodies who also love to grow our own food.

Very into meeting new people, learning new things, and working with my hands. I am a problem solver and like to engineer systems to work smarter not harder. 

I started my first business at the age of ten with my dad landscaping and mowing lawns for family and neighbours. The following year at the age eleven, I started selling my art and jewellery, creating custom pieces and selling my own work. Not to mention the countless hours I put into dance, where I also earned during competitions. I have been creating multi stream revenue right from the gecko. Entrepreneurship unravelled from there, and I began many small ventures, I was hooked. I come from a very entrepreneurial family, who often each had more than one project on the go. It was my mom who encouraged me to go to school for business/marketing, along with my education in Cosmetology and Trichology. 

Business can be one of those things you rise fast in, or fall hard, but the strongest business people are those who brush their knees off and go at it again...that is me.  Current business ventures we own are Hail Craftsmen, The Hair Coach.ca, Sentimental Gems, and have The Hair Wire in the works.

In 2002 I designed my first website with my friend John, I love to figure out how things work, and from there I taught myself how to build websites and became a webmaster. The majority of my business is online, and the business I conduct in person is to feed my need to meet new people.


I am finding new ways to make our business ventures more efficient through systems and processes. I value my time; my favourite place to be is with my family and friends. I currently mentor on the topic of entrepreneurship particularly online and in the area of self-awareness and advocacy. 

I run an online hair clinic and rent a salon chair twice a week; in my downtime, I am working on an online hair community to reach more people with hair knowledge. I have my mindful practice and online business selling jewellery which helps subsidize my expensive love for crystals and jewellery making. That too is run on a system that essentially runs itself. - when you put the time into creating systems and processes you can create more time to do more you.

Want to know what lights me up? Helping people harness the power of self-awareness, to take control of their lives. Busting the myth of balance. Redefining a person’s beauty in a world that tells us who to be. Shining a spotlight on our truths so we can all find our way back to a life that is truly our own.

In case you’re new around here, I believe that change happens where the woo meets the work. I can’t wait to show you exactly what I mean…
start by checking out my blog posts.


I have been down the many path of finding answers and seeking advice from medical experts and the healing arts of unconventional practises.
In 2008 I was rushed to the hospital to learn I had 80% of my lungs covered in blood clots (Pulmonary Embolisms).
This was a beautiful rude awakening for me... cancer saved my life.
I was diagnosed with a rare MPN (Essential Thrombocythemia Jak2), which triggered my thirst for answers on top of the Celiac and Psoriasis. That diagnosis got me into investigating my lifestyle and how I can change my health. And to be honest made me more present - self-awareness was the key.


  • Hair Knowledge

    How you wear your hair is a statement and I believe hair should reflect your personality and your true self. Hair is also known to be one of the most effective biomarkers in nature. This is because it shares the same embryological origin with that of the brain.

  • Jewelry Design

    My mindful practice is making jewellery and working with crystals.

  • Self-Awareness

    General practice saved my life when I was rushed to the hospital, specialized medicine help figure out what was wrong with me, and functional medicine helped me solve and resolve.