Business Coaching

Do you want to start a new business or want to be more active online? Or maybe you want to expand an existing one.

    • Did you want to increase the productivity of your team or yourself?
    • Want to finally pay yourself a decent salary?
    • Maybe you want to get the systems in place?
    • Increase motivation and the customer service levels of everyone on your team?
    • Or is it time to start thinking about an exit strategy and where you want to be in 12 months?
    • Maybe you want to move online?
    • Maybe you need guidance on various web marketing areas (if Instagram or Facebook).
    • Need to pivot your business.

Hey, I know that being in business isn’t always easy, in fact, sometimes it can be soul-destroying, frustrating, and a lonely place to be; that’s why working with a coach can help. Having been in the hair industry for most of my life (I am not kidding, I grew up in the salon), I have a lot to share from my own experiences. I also have post-secondary education in Business Administration and Marketing and have a background in Advanced Trichology. 

Being a multi venture entrepreneur, the KEY to running any business is working smarter not harder, and streamlining your time. Systems are the key! 

There are 4 Benefits of having a fully integrated business system:

    1. Improved Productivity
    2. Better Business Performance
    3. Reduced Risk of Errors
    4. Time and Cost Savings

In a coaching capacity, I’ve worked with many salon owners in numerous areas to help them tackle the challenges that being in business presents. I know, from my own personal experience, that I can help you be more successful and learn from my mistakes and achievements. Sometimes you do not see opportunities or losses because you are too close to your own work; it is nice to get an outside perspective. I come in and help audit your situation and come up with a game plan. – Save you money AND time!

What is coaching?

If you’re a salon or clinic owner, the purpose of having a business coach is to help you identify and develop achievable goals and create realistic objectives. I am here to work with you to create a strategy to bring those goals to fruition and see opportunities.

Why coaching?

Being the boss and running a business can be a lonely job; having a business coach gives you the support you need to move forward, bounce ideas off of, and strategically set realistic goals.

Why Kerri?

I am a Blue Seal Cosmetologist with Post Secondary in Business Administration and Marketing (major in web marketing and design), and an Advanced Trichology Alumni of the World Trichology Society. I have been a business owner most of my life and come from a long line of successful business owners. To view more, go check out my Linkedin page. My motto is to work smarter, not harder, and be open to opportunity, you do not know what you do not know.

How does it work?

I have coaching clients all over the world, so all my coaching is done via the phone or Zoom, and yes, I do offer in person. Coaching sessions are a block of 8 x 1-1.5 hour calls most often spread over 12 weeks where you speak with me at a prearranged time on either Tuesday through Friday and are booked around both our busy schedules in advance.

I do prefer on the phone or Zoom – “Why the phone and not face to face?” Coaching over the phone keeps both of us focused on what we are doing; it’s better time management and more efficient and productive for both of us. Coaching isn’t an aimless chatfest or pity session about how tough your business is. Like most things in life, coaching only works if the person being coached follows through and implements the steps required. – I WILL hold you accountable for the actions we set.

In my role as a coach, it is not to do the work for you; coaching is very goal orientated and goal-focused. Your goals, not mine! My role as a coach is to get you really clear on what your goals are and help you set time frames, and provide direction, accountability, ideas and support.

What does it cost?

Your investment is $1,246.00 CDN (Approximately USD $1,000) for a block of 8 x 1-1.5 hour sessions paid in advance. Or if you prefer to pay in 3 installments at $450 CDN (Approximately USD $360).

I do offer by the hour; this is not recommended if you want to see great results, but if you want to fine-tune an area you need help with, i.e. social media coaching—$ 185 CDN per hour (Approximately USD $148). 


Online workshops coming soon!

To be notified of the workshops as they go live, please join the waitlist by leaving your contact details in the contact form (add: subject line workshop signup).

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Website Development

Yes, I am a Webmaster, and have been building websites since 2002. I however do not advertise I do this service anymore, but from time to time will pick up a project to revamp someones website or build from scratch -pending on the project type. Note I will only build with WordPress and use GoDaddy services. Web-development is an activity I enjoy, and it became an activity I began to resent when I took it full time, hence why I do it now for enjoyment versus a job. If you want to enquire about a project please direct message me. – view portfolio here.