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Did you know: Currently, almost everyone on the planet is operating below their potential due to the effects of the environment. That cellular weakness presents long before symptoms or sickness are expressed? These weaknesses are a direct result of the environment in which we live.

What is Epigenetics? 

Epigenetics is the study of how your behaviours and environment can cause changes that affect the way your genes work. Unlike genetic changes, epigenetic changes are reversible and do not change your DNA sequence, but they can change how your body reads a DNA sequence.

Cell Wellbeing Hair Analysis

We live in a toxic world. Our home and work environments are full of toxins that can heavily influence our wellness. In fact, up to 98% of our gene expression is heavily influenced by toxins like heavy metals, pesticides, radiation, and chemicals in our water, food, air, and personal care products.

However, we can personally work to reduce our toxic load by: identify the toxins we are exposed to, reducing our exposure to these toxins, and detoxing these substances from our bodies.

Identifying Toxic Substances is Key!

The first step is identification. The Cell Wellbeing Hair Analysis Tool is an excellent first step to learning which toxins are affecting our gene expression. Human hair is a perfect biomarker that holds information about our gene expression and what may be affecting it.

In just 15 minutes, this groundbreaking technology, assesses your epigenetics for:

  • vitamins
  • parasites and viruses
  • nutrition
  • toxins
  • antioxidants
  • microbiology
  • minerals
  • fatty acids
  • EFA and EMF (radiation)

as well as system supports including:

  • adrenals
  • digestion
  • brain health
  • circulation
  • emotions

How Does Cell WellBeing Hair Analysis Work?

The entire analysis involves four strands of your hair from the back of your head, which are placed on the CellWellbeing Hair Analysis tool. This digital scanning device then communicates with an extensive epigenetic database in Hamburg, Germany. In just 15 minutes all the digital signatures of the DNA present in those four hairs are scanned for hundreds of items of genetic information.

This valuable information can enable Tringali Vibrant Health practitioners to customize all of the following to support your cellular DNA expression:

  • IV therapy
  • supplement regimens
  • nutritional packages
  • detoxification programs
  • and more

Your Epigenetic Report

The Cell-Wellbeing Hair Analysis tool provides a 35-page report that provides a comprehensive analysis of your cellular wellness. The information obtained from this simple convenient test, provides accurate ways to address dozens of wellness challenges.

Who Can Benefit from an Epigenetic Hair Analysis?

  • Anybody who is serious about identifying and eliminating harmful toxins in their home and work environments
  • Men and Women who want to determine what nutrients their body needs, and which foods should be eliminated.
  • Individuals looking for custom-formulated IV therapies, nutritional packages, and detox programs.
  • An individual who is empowered to achieve VIBRANT health.
Epigenetics Practitioner

Each report provides a 90-day nutritional food plan and further advice on optimizing your wellbeing. Often you get reports from other specialists; however, you are then given supplements or vitamins to invest in to obtain optimal health. Unlike those reports, this report provides you with food first suggestions, so you learn to change your body to adapt to the food you can enjoy daily and eat for your body/DNA. The body’s cellular system often requires 90 days to assimilate the changes to diet and lifestyle. Therefore, following a nutritional protocol program is essential and avoiding certain foods before obtaining an updated report. Each session includes a one-hour consultation/coaching session with Kerri, discussing how to read the report, adopt the information, and critical tricks or hacks for food first healthy living.

You can pull information to improve your immunity, youthfulness, hair/skin/nails, and performance. Reports can also be pulled for those that are Vegans, and for your children. We also have reports for animals now. Click the button bellow to view samples reports in each area.

Let food be your medicine, and medicine your food.