My Mindful Practise

My mindful practise is jewelry design, I have been creating and selling my art since I was a child. What was once a hobby is now a small business that not only calms me, but also helps me to do more things like pursuing my passion helping or adding value to others. I am in stores and online. Visit the instagram links below by clicking the logos below.

Fun Fact: I come from a long line of designers and inventors on both sides. My grandfather was a carpenter and carver, he taught me to carve stone (lapidary). My mom was kilt maker, my grandma a seamstress who was known for her gowns. My great grandmother a high fashion clothing pearl-embroider, my aunt a delicate lace maker and crocheter, my other aunt a stained glass designer, and my cousin a corset designer. And the coolest of them all my Great Great Grandfather a famous artist and poet plus more in Poland, check him out Stanisław Wyspiański. My maiden name is Kerri Dawn Wyspianski, needless to say it is in my blood to design and create.