Web Strategist

Does your company need help to devise, develop, or oversee how your business or company will establish and grow its presence on the Internet.

Hey, I am here for you, running an online service and product based business I know what it takes to have a smooth running clock work system work for you rather than against you. I am here to help you develop a plan and to strategize you long term goals and make them a reality. I have a strong background in marketing and being a webmaster for a few companies I can bring a-lot insight to the table. You do not know what you do not know, let me be the one to inspire you to move your work online so you can have more time doing what you do best – being you!

You do not need to be a large or corporate business maybe you want to learn to become an influencer or a blogger. Let me show you areas to monetize your knowledge or passion.

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